As a result of us being one of the best UFC gambling guides on the net we get inundated by fans asking whey we don’t do anything for big boxing events quite a lot? Well, as you guys continue to support us by purchasing your favourite Duds, we will do as you say starting with this weekend’s heavyweight bout between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko. Enjoy!

Lets cut to the chase here as there is few items we need to discuss. First of all there’s the age difference. Although still in amazing shape, ‘Dr Steelhammer’ is now 41 years of age where as AJ is arguably about to step into his prime at the age of 27. Both Olympians are absolute specimens but with a record of 64-4, the Ukranian has far more experience than AJ, and has gone the distance on several occasions (something the Brit has never done). The fight takes place in Wembley Stadium and being a Watford boy, is pretty much AJ's home turf. If you don't believe having the home crowd on your side is an advantage in sport then speak to any professional athlete in the world, they'll tell you other wise.

The did you know factor in this bout is that Klitschko actually brought AJ into his camp in 2014, to have as a sparring partner. Granted a fight is a fight and totally different to what goes down in the gym, but you better believe these two will have at least some idea of how each other will be feeling on the night. Both fighters are great ambassadors of the sport in the way that they tend to avoid any trash talk whatsoever and focus mainly on doing their talking in the ring - and doing it well. There is a huge amount of respect between these two, arguably too much (The Gloves Off TV feature was like watching paint dry!). This respect has played a big part in our final decision.

Everybody thinks AJ is going to walk through Klitschko, and rightly so, he's young, fast, powerful and built like a super hero but has he ever stepped inside the ring with a champion of Klitschko's calibre? The answer is no. Dillian Whyte is the only man to give AJ a bit of a scare but that's because AJ was drawn into a tear up against a seasoned wind up merchant, we guarantee Klitschko won't be doing this.

So what happens? Well, if AJ does find the knockout blow it will be around the 7th or 8th round, so those rounds might be worth a punt but we think Klitschko will use his experience (and his jab) to keep the Brit at bay and go out on his shield. Expect to see a tired Anthony Joshua get his hand raised with a decision victory and experience what its like to go the distance.

Unless someone does their achilles in early doors or something of course, but when does that ever happen??

WINNER: Anthony Johnson
METHOD: Unanimous Decision

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