Your choice of underwear speaks volumes about the person you are and the carefully crafted image that you have created. Smuggling Duds Stash Boxers are as unique as you are and a core part of your lifestyle, designed for absolute comfort - whatever you are doing!

That’s why Smuggling Duds underwear with pockets are the brand of choice amongst world class DJ’s and international athletes from Mixed Martial Arts superstars to action sports legends who Dirt Jump, Surf, Skate and Motocross!

Each design is totally exclusive and every pair of Smuggling Duds comes with our invaluable patented stash pocket - perfect for safely stashing whatever is important to you. It’s your secret! Money, credit cards, iPods, mobile phone, condoms or any other valuables; Stash Pants are ready for anything!

Patented Stash Boxers

It all sounds like a bit of fun but we are not messing around here, our stash boxer shorts have a US Design Patent and an EU Design Registration! The pocket is situated right next to your crown jewels! This gives you a totally functional pocket when in times of need, meaning you can keep your valuables safe if you’re in hostile territory, without the worry of an attempted mugging or even under the most intense pat down search procedure! All this protection, peace of mind, ultimate style and not even James Bond could have come up with this shiz!

Here’s an open invitation to check out our pants and find the secret to our unique brand.

US Design Patent

US Design Patent