Dirt Wars 2014

NASS has to be one of the most awesome festivals in the UK. Each year they always seem to grab a top music line up as well as pulling in some of the worlds best extreme sports athletes to compete in a range of wheeled sports events.

This year was no different, with Cypress Hill headlining the music stage and an amazing dirt jump course, the DMR Dirt Wars UK riders were ready to party hard and throw down some of their best tricks throughout the weekend…

On the Friday evening the Open riders hit the trails around 5pm for their first runs on the dirt course that had been built by BMX Legend Kye Forte and his crew of builders. The course was layed out with a straight first jump with around a 15ft gap then a step up on to a whale tail with the drop off then into another straight trick jump. All the riders seemed a bit wary at first as they watched the bmx guy’s flipping the first and then sailing through the course. After a few minuets of watching all the riders made their way up the roll in and started to drop in. The jumps were closed off at 8pm so the riders all hit the festival and partied the night away.

The day kicked off with joint practice between the MTB riders and the BMX riders and it was awesome to see them all pushing each other and talking about what tricks were being pulled by who and who was going to take the win at the next days final.

Unfortunatly during the BMX Qualifyers the Nass P.A system for the jump area blew up so we were unable to hold the Dirt Wars Quallys until the following day.

We were how ever able to give the riders a huge practice session so they were ready for Sunday’s action. During the practice session a few of the Open and Pro riders (pro’s came along to party and encourage the open riders) went down quite hard and a few injurys were gained.

Daniel Selkirk hung up on the first and face planted the floor leaving a Selkirk face-shaped imprint in the soil, Alfie Steven’s blew out his ankle on the first jump and Darren Eastall somehow managed to catch his penis (That’s right I said his Penis) in between the tyre and frame ripping his japs-eye open by an extra 5mm. After 3 stitches in the end of his little man Darren came back to the jumps and proceeded to keep showing everyone his bandaged up manhood!
Saturday night was off the hook with Cypress Hill, Nicky Blackmarket and a whole host of other DJ’s and bands playing. The guy’s partied into the early hours of the morning! I know Sam Reynolds, Adam Williams and crew had an awesome night in the D&B Arena, I think Sam would say S4P (Sorry For Partying)…..

Sunday morning was a bit damp as there had been a down pour overnight but luckily it had done nothing but good to the dry dusty trails that the guy’s had been riding the day before..

Charlie from the Dirt Wars Crew had made a journey back to Bristol to collect his sound system so the BMX finals and Dirt Wars had a PA System for the day. After setting up the system the BMX riders held their final and then it was time for some DMR Dirt Wars action.
The Judging line up of Specialized’s Tom Reynolds, Rose Bikes Adam Williams and DWUK’s Cliff Barbeary all took to the judges area ready for DMR Dirt Wars Round 3 Nass…

First off we held the quallys, with 16 riders lined up on the roll in all ready to throw it down and see who could make it through to the 8 man final.

A few of the guy’s seemed to struggle with the wind that was gusting quite bad whilst others seemed to flow through the jumps with no problems.

Young 15 year old Cameron Crozier busted his way through the trails throwing down a few super clean runs with flips tucks and 3’s whilst Darren Eastall, despite having suffered the penis injury the day before, threw a few bars and flip x-ups with and amazing amount of style chucked in to them.

Kerry Pert was flipping all over the shop and Greg Parry’s flip attempt off the whale tail was amazing as it was so close to being landed and this kid doesn’t ride dirt, he’s a skatepark rider!
Tiny Cole Todd had a bit of bad luck as everytime he dropped in the wind picked up and just blew him about.
With the 16 riders going down to 8, the finalists were as follows in reverse order.

8th Jack Ambler
7th Kerry Pert
6th Ben Nolan
5th Greg Parry
4th Darren Eastall
3rd Joe Aldridge
2nd Andy Crawford
1st Cameron Crozier (youngest ever DWUK Finalist at 15yrs old)

After half an hours break and a chance to grab some food (provided by the awesome kitchen staff at Nass) it was straight into the final. Sam Reynolds had a word with the judges and it was decided that there would be a super final with all riders getting 2 runs each and then the top 5 riders from those runs going through to then decide the podium placings. This proved to up the riders game and a few mad things were about to go down.

Jack Ambler threw down a few awesome runs with flips and flip tucks as did Greg Parry with his barspin on the first the 360 off the whale tail but unfortunately for Greg he was unable to pull anything out on the last.

Ben Nolan blasted out toboggan on the first, an x-up onto the whale tail and x-up off to no footed can on the last whilst Andy Crawfords 360’s were full HAM and so clean.

After 2 runs the top 5 riders going through to the super final were as follows.

Darren Eastall
Jack Ambler
Cameron Crozier
Andy Crawford
Joe Aldridge

All 5 riders hit the roll in and came out throwing out their safest tricks in the strong wind that had built up over the course of the afternoon.
Darren Eastall was managing to put out some big flip x-up’s and Joe Aldridge showed that if your gonna pull tricks then do them with style as he popped massive styled out barrel roll on the last.
Andy Crawford again went hard with his truckdriver to x-up and his super clean 3’s whilst Jack Ambler proved that the wind was no problem to him, trucking the first, barspinning up onto the whale tail and pulling a flip tuck on the last.

The show however was stolen by young Cameron Crozier as he flipped the first higher than any of the other riders then tuck no handed up onto the whale tail and smashed out a super clean tail whip on the last..

1st Cameron Crozier
2nd Joe Aldridge
3rd Andy Crawford
4th Darren Eastall
5th Jack Ambler

An awesome weekend was had by all and we cant wait to go back to NASS for a super special round next year.

Huge thank you to all the riders that attended (open and pro), Ryan Matthews and all of the Vision Nine staff (Nass Crew), Tom Reynolds and Adam Williams and All The Dirt Wars Crew.

See you at Rocket World….

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