Sandy Kerr

Surf prodigy Sandy Kerr packed his board and Smuggling Duds for a sunny winter break in wave capital of the world, Hawaii. Here’s what he had to say about his amazing experience.

"Even going to Hawaii is a statement in itself in the world of surfing, it’s where the sport and lifestyle was born and through all the history it continues to make new history every winter as being the big wave capital of the world. It’s the most humbling experience hearing the roar of the ocean before your even close and then feeling the ground shake when it breaks.

You have got to make sure you’ve got the right equipment, the right mindset, the ability and fitness to surf and survive "the rock".

I was there a month and surfed the biggest waves of my life! From sunset beach one of gnarly stretches of beach in Hawaii, to the shallow sharp reef of pipe and backdoor. Some of my best waves were at a place called Backyards, a bit of sharp reef that goes about 500m out to sea, a really long swim in when you break your leg cord and got to swim in over razor sharp coral, but worth it to get spat out of a bomb tube!

The swell got really big a few days at the famous big wave spot Waimea Bay, I got psyched up to go with a 10ft which I borrowed off good friend Gabe Daives, I went and got a few good ones and one crazy one where I aged 10 years in one surf, ha.

After a few close calls, breaking equipment and near drowning I was so humbled after the whole trip and learnt so much I will be back next winter for sure!"

Sandy Kerr

Big thanks to Wave Length Magazine for these exclusive photos!

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