The SD Superheroes have been secretly saving parties since 2006! Now sick of hiding out and having to do everything in a stealth manner they have decided its time to go public. The Smuggling Duds Superheroes want to spread their knowledge and techniques to help everyone enjoy life to the max!

Billy Basics - Music is his life and believes partying is the best way to show his appreciation. He loves clubbing, dancing, DJing and is by far the biggest party animal of the bunch. Billy is always sporting his favourite Back To Basics Boxers!

Paintball Paul - Loves adventure and the outdoors, so is always traveling, exploring, camping and playing paintball at his local Delta Force Paintball Centre. He also trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu every Wednesday night with Gary Gracie and loves wearing his signature Paintball Splat Boxers!

Carbon Carl - Lives for all things extreme, whether it freestyle motocross or playing at his local skate part he's their in the thick of it! His favourite quote is "Go Big or Go Home" and is always wearing his Carbon Check Boxers!

Rainbow Ray - Lifes a beach for Rainbow, he loves being in the water and has a strong passion for anything surf! In his spare time he also like to do a bit of free running and mop up the rest of the gangs mess in his Rainbow SD Boxers!

SD Superheroes

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