Downhill Mountain Bike

Steve Peat from Sheffield in the UK is a downhill mountain bike legend! With 3 World Cup titles, 1 World Championship jersey, 9 National titles, 17 World Cup wins, 50 podiums and countless other victories. Even with all the above, 2012 is nothing new for Steve Peat. Once again, the World Cup and World Champs are on the top of the priority list, whilst showing his commitment to the scene, backing the British National Series and his latest project, ‘The Steve Peat Syndicate'.

There’s literally nothing left to be said, about the man who has done so much for his sport. His relentless enthusiasm, fun and approachable personality has moulded him into the role model that riders and fans of all ages, looked up to today and for many years to come. Go ask a few close riding friends what they think of first, when the name Steve Peat comes up…I must admit, ‘Drinking Stella’ popped up a lot when I asked a group of mine.… But there was also a theme that seemed to emerge amongst it all…Everything was all focused around having fun. Whether it was on the bike, following him each season, on his painful and emotional trip to becoming World Champion. Or off it, young and wild, racing mini bikes round Palmers house back in the Sprung days. It’s the reason we all love him and it’s the reason he’s still at the top. Steve Peat has fun riding his bike. Plain and simple!

Steve Peat